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With a vast network of clinics across Canada, Dermapure has become the Canadian leader in aesthetic medicine.

Its mission is to educate patients on the best practices in the field of skin health and beauty and to provide them access to the most innovative, non-invasive, rejuvenation treatments that deliver visible and natural results.

At the time (2017), Dermapure was really getting a lot of momentum in the province of Quebec, especially because Marilyne Gagné, Dermapure’s founder and CEO, was doing multiple appearances on television to talk about skin treatments and products.


Educating the consumer, always in all ways…

When you offer a relatively “new” kind of service, specifically in a field that requires a lot of technical knowledge, you’re inevitably going to rise a lot of questions from your customers.

It’s always tricky and challenging to scale a business when you constantly have to educate the consumer.

When they come to you in a physical store, it’s pretty easy. You can always have a specialist answer their questions and advise them on your products or services.

But what happens when a customer shops online? 

Not everybody is a natural “learner” and takes time out of their busy lives to learn how your product might benefit them.

But if they are on your website, they definitely have interest!

But if they don’t take the time to read and learn about you, they’re gone…

This is why Dermapure decided to implement a live chat on their website so our agents would be able to answer questions.

But having newcomers answer questions about aesthetic medicine is no easy task… 

Keeping the brand’s identity and values in mind

Every successful entrepreneur that experienced what it’s like to truly scale a business knows how much Branding is important.

Like Ryan Deiss, CEO of Digital Marketer said on stage at HyperGrowth:

“A Brand is not a Logo. A Brand is a Fictional Character”.

Essentially, your brand, like a fictional character, has multiple traits to its personality that truly represents what you’re all about to your customers.

What you stand for, your non-negotiable, your superpower, your weaknesses, etc.

So when your representatives speak to your customers or you simply publish on social media, it’s important that you stay true to your brand’s character to establish brand authority and have a true brand impact.

We had the challenge to do just that with live chat visitors to represent Dermapure’s brand and their values the best way possible.


Generating Leads

Even with a full 2-3 weeks of training, it was not realistic for us to expect our agents to give great advice and educate clients in such a technical field of business.

That’s why our primary goal was to generate leads for in-clinic free consultations. 

The agents only need to know the basics of the field and the business to successfully inform the client and forward a quality lead to Dermapure’s specialists.


The beginnings

Like I said earlier in this post, Marilyne started to make a few appearances on TV to talk about Dermapure and educate consumers on aesthetic medicine.

She was smart enough to start investing in online advertising campaigns and us at the same time because she knew people would be searching for her business after seeing the show and naturally have a lot of questions.

Appearing on TV, investing in advertising campaigns, having live chat experts 24/7 on your website pretty much guarantees success…

…except when you generate too many conversations.

See, our primary thought process into getting the most people into the clinic was to send automated targeted messages to every visitors after 20 seconds to prompt them for a free consultation.

The good thing about this strategy is:

1. You engage with a lot of customers

2. You get a lot of leads 

3. You get to know A LOT about your target market after reviewing conversations

The bad thing is… it’ll cost you a lot more.

Imagine this:

We, on average, generate 1 conversation for every 50 visitors (2%) by being low to moderately aggressive (sending targeted messages on specific pages only after 30-40s on page).

So by being ultra-aggressive (sending automated targeted messages on the home page and every other page after 15-20 seconds), we can expect to generate approximately 1 conversation for every 20 unique visitors (5%).

At the time, Dermapure got 20k visitors per month.

So with 5% engaged chat to visitor rate, it’d have given us 1,000 conversations for the whole month.

At a rate of $3 USD per chat, it’d have cost them $3,000 USD ($4,000 CAD)

…just for testing us out the first month.

Pretty high eh?

But wait, let’s do the math here because this cost can easily be justified by the chat to lead conversion rate. 

On average, for lead generation focused clients, we convert conversations into a lead at 37.5% by using a low to moderately aggressive targeted messages strategy.

But if you’re that aggressive, it’s safe to assume it’s going to reduce the conversion rate a lot.

Let’s go with a conservative 20%.

So with that conversion rate, we would’ve got Dermapure 200 leads out of 1000 conversations.

At Dermapure, the customer spends on average $750 on every visit. 

So even if only 1 person out of 4 leads we sent actually show up at the clinic, they end up getting 50 clients at $750 for a total of $37,500…

So they get 12.5:1 ROI on their live chat investment.

Just Imagine if you take into account the lifetime customer value…

…insane, indeed.

So to get back on our horses, we instead adopted a more conservative strategy, in the beginning, to see what kind of results we could get before putting the pedal to the medal.

So we hid the live chat widget on the home page so we wouldn’t get questions that customers could end up answering themselves by reading just a little bit.

We positioned the widget on high-intent pages (such as the services pages) and opted for automated targeted message after 20 seconds.

Here’s what the message looks like:

What important to know, is that this automated message or “greeting” reflected the whole campaign messaging offer.

The marketing team at Dermapure made sure to incorporate the same message in their email campaigns, AdWords campaigns, Facebook Ads campaigns and social media campaigns.

This created uniformity and sent a strong message to the consumer about the focus of the offer.

To this day, this strategy has been the epicentre of Dermapure’s success.

Whenever they release an offer on a specific product or treatment, they promote the same offer on their social media and newsletter and we adjust the targeted messaging on pages related to this offer.

This prompt’s a LOT of messages and also a LOT of leads and sales!


After the first month, we generated a total of 271 conversations and 103 leads, for a 38% conversion rate.

They told us they were able to convert approximately 50 customers in this period, generating a whopping $40,000 in revenue for the business, with a $500 investment.

Since that first investment, they never looked back and have been our client since. They now count more than 10 clinics all over Canada from Montreal all the way to Vancouver.

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