It’s a matter of trust.

We think we offer the best live chat management service there is… but don’t take our word for it. Check out what some of our actual clients have to say.

The level of customer service their live agents bring to the table is off the charts both in English and French. The management team is always giving me a great experience and constantly adjusts to my every need. My clients really appreciate being able to chat live and being answered instantly.
Francis Desjardins, Founder | CliniqueGo

Testimonial given May 22nd 2016

CrowdChat was a great addition to our customer service experience. Our initial $500 investment generated $40,000 in sales after the first month… 80 times what we invested initially. Numbers speak for themselves.
Marilyne Gagné, Founder & CEO| Dermapure

Testimonial given June 2nd 2017

I’m still shocked by the knowledge of this team. They positioned the chat widget on high-intent pages and came up with custom greetings that are tailored to the visitor’s customer journey. The stunning results have convinced me that customer experience is a huge edge we have over our competition and our clients buy from us because of that.
William Skinner, General Manager | Volkswagen Dealership

Testimonial given July 11th 2018

In the construction business, competition is fierce. With CrowdChat, we get an edge over these competitors by offering a truly unique and personalized experience online. They have allowed us to bring in lots of new clients since day 1. Hats off to all the team. Would recommend.
Alex Michaud, Owner | Toiture AML Inc.

Testimonial given July 18th 2018