Pricing That Focuses on Results

Our Objective: Customer Satisfaction that generates Leads

$3 USD

Per Conversation

*A monthly fee of $150 USD as well as a one-time setup fee also applies.

Live chat management services

  • Website Live Chat
    Managed Services
  • Available in French and English
  • 24/7
    All Day Presence
  • Unlimited FAQS
  • Monthly Report


  • Facebook Messenger management
  • Email management


1How am I billed each month?
We will charge your credit card the day you sign up with your minimum charge happening every 4th of the month. All supplemental conversations in the current month will be charged in the following month.
2What constitutes a “Lead”?
We consider a lead as someone who has answered at least one qualifying question (e.g. location, budget, time-frame, etc.) and provided their name, email and or phone number.
3Are there any contracts or long-term commitments?
You will be billed monthly. You can decide to stop at any moment. We will bill you the excess conversation fees, if any, and we will be done.
4What hours of the day are you live on my website?
We monitor your website around the clock – 24/7! The best part about CrowdChat is that you only pay for the conversations we have with your customers and not for the hours we put in.
5How do I get the chat working on my website?
Installing the chat onto your website is as easy as putting a few extra lines of code on your site. We will provide this once your account is set up and you can either pass the instructions to your web designer or we can assist with the install if we have FTP details provided.
6 Who is notified of leads and how?
When a lead is generated, it is added to the lead management system and instantly emailed out with the complete chat transcript to a designated email address.
7 How do agents answer specific questions about my business?
We ensure that all agents understand their assigned client's business, and it is mandatory for them to study your website and the FAQ / knowledge base material you provide and go through testing to qualify. If the agent is faced with a question they cannot answer they will inform the visitor that the matter will be passed on and the appropriate person will make contact. In these instances, feedback should be given and additional FAQs added.
8 What training is required and how do I provide this information?
During the integration process you will be asked to provide a list of FAQs and outcomes which you wish your agents to achieve. Each agent is notified to review this information and it appears on their screen each time a chat is started on your website.
9 What if the agent does not know the answer?
There will be times when an agent does not know the answer to a question. When this occurs the chat will be forwarded on and the agent will follow up to make additions / amendments to our internal knowledge base.
10 Where are my agents physically based?
Our head office is in Sherbrooke, Quebec, which some operators are based from. Others are based out in other regions of the province of Quebec. We find that our province provides staff who are hardworking, ethical and understanding of international customs.