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Outsourcing Live Conversations With Your Visitors: Here’s What to Expect

Conversational marketing isn’t only about the chat bubble that pops up in your visitor’s window. In fact, it’s not a tool that should be taken lightly. It may be small, but it’s packed with potential for those who choose to dedicate resources to this incredible marketing tool.

Sure, ads are great to get visitors on your website… But when push comes to shove, they won’t help your customer navigate through the buyer journey the way a human presence committed to building personal and meaningful connexions with your visitors can.

Whether you’ve just decided to outsource your instant messaging or you’re considering our service, here’s exactly what to expect when you choose CrowdChat to manage your live chats.

1. Tracking Validation

Before we start any project, we always validate that your online platform allows us to properly track objectives. There’s no point in going through with the rest of the process if we don’t have the proper tools to succeed. We don’t believe in rolling out a live chat strategy if we can’t measure the outcomes and show you tangible results. After all, growth is much easier to attain with measurable objectives. If your online platform isn’t optimized for proper tracking, small changes can be made to make sure that our tracking needs are met.

2. Building a Knowledge Base

Shortly after our validation, your assigned account manager will get in touch with you via email with a set of questions to establish a knowledge base about your business. Here at CrowdChat, this knowledge base is known as CrowdBase and serves as the basis for all interactions that our agents have with your visitors.

The information which we require for CrowdBase ranges anywhere from a complete list of your products and services, to the prizes awarded to your business, and the pieces of information necessary for you to qualify a potential client.

In addition to our questions, we require that you build a glossary with key terms used by both you and your clients. It’s crucial that our agents speak and understand the same technical language as you and your customers. Using vocabulary native to your industry allows us to represent your brand in the most authentic manner.

From this set of answers and your glossary, we’ll integrate the information to CrowdBase and start training our agents.

At this point, we’ll also have reviewed the information on your website and clarified any aspects that are unclear with your team.

In addition to reviewing the information which you provided, we’ll also ask that you sign us up to any newsletters or pre-established email sequences which are sent out to your consumers. Staying in the loop allows us to adapt CrowdBase to any changes in your business and always provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to your visitors.

3. Setting Objectives

Live chat management isn’t just about the conversations. From experience, we know that each conversation should be orchestrated to fulfill your business objectives. Therefore, we’ll build a strategy based on those specific objectives. Whether the goal of your live chat is to provide a:

  • Presence for leads
  • Presence for sales
  • Presence for customer support

We’ll strategically position the chat on specific pages according to your customer’s buyer journey and your objectives. Additionally, we’ll create a chat flow or conversation flow to maximize the outcome of each conversation.

4. Testing

No launch is planned without first testing our knowledge of your business. To make sure that we have all the information to succeed, we’ll take FAQs on your website and review them with you so that we can identify which questions come up most frequently during conversations with your visitors. Doing so will allow us to further train our agents so that we’re confident in their ability to answer your customers’ inquiries.

5. Setting Protocols

While we prepare ourselves to answer all inquiries that we can, there are times when we simply will not have an answer for your visitors. For times when we’re unable to do so, we’ll follow through with a pre-established protocol. Creating this protocol with you beforehand allows us to provide answers to your client as quickly and efficiently as possible. Generally, we’ll transfer the message to the appropriate person or department or we’ll follow up with the client once your team member has provided us with the answer. The information acquired will also be added to CrowdBase so that we have the information on hand if the question comes up again.

6. Launching

Once we expect to have the knowledge to answer 60% of all inquiries on your live chat we launch the service. Sixty percent may not seem like a whole lot but in fact, the trend that we see with live chats is that questions are often repetitive and pertain to information that can already be found on your website. When new questions to which we do not have an answer arise, we’ll get the information from our contact at your company and add it to CrowdBase. Remember that sixty percent is only a starting point to which we’ll add time and time again.

Before going online, we’ll conduct another knowledge evaluation and an integration of data with you and the senior agent assigned to your account. Once these steps have been completed, we clear your account for launch.

With your help and active participation in this process, we’re usually ready to launch within 14 days.

7. Break-in Period

During the 3 months following the launch, your account manager will test the knowledge of the agents handling conversations with your clients.

At this time, we’ll also focus on completing the information on your products and services in CrowdBase. Our team will communicate with the designated person in your business to answer any questions to which we do not have the answer. When we obtain the answer, we’ll add it to our knowledge base. When a change is made to Crowdbase, all agents working on your account receive notification of the changes as well. This ensures that all agents assigned to your account are on the same page and provide quality information to your online visitors.

If you or your team wish to review conversations between our agents and your visitors, we’ll gladly provide chat transcripts for you.

Note that the initial contract is for the duration of this 3 month break-in period. Only when the 3 months have passed will we discuss the possibility of a 1 or 2-year contract. If you opt for a 2-year contract, know that your base management fee will remain the same for the 2 year period.

8. Re-evaluate

1-3 months down the line, we’ll review and update all the information in CrowdBase pertaining to your business. It may seem to you like we’re constantly adding or double-checking the information in CrowdBase. If so, remember that our objective is to have accurate and up to date information at all times so that we can help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

9. Reporting for Success

Each month, your account manager will contact you to review the month’s work, progress and any changes that need to be made. At this time, we’ll review the outcomes of conversations as well as the satisfaction ratings which your visitors gave to our agents. This time will also be used to catch up on anything happening in your business that our team should be made aware of. This includes promotions, changes in your team, and new products or services.

Each month, we’ll send you a personalized report covering these aspects:

  • We’ll review the work that has been done by our team.
  • We’ll also provide you with a list of the most recurring questions asked by visitors during instant messaging conversations.

After the initial 6 months, we’ll complete an evaluation of your website or online platform to identify exactly what needs to be improved on your website/online platform to further help you attain your goals. Our suggestions may range from changing the position of your CTA (call to action) to adding information to your website or prompting the chat on a different page.

10. Beyond the launch

Throughout our partnership, we’ll stay up to date with any changes in your business and continuously integrate new information to our knowledge base – for free!

Yes, free! As in no extra charges… ever!

We know your business isn’t static, therefore when your goals change, we’ll change our strategy for one that matches your ambitions.

Key Documentation Required When We Get Started:

  • Key Terms Glossary
  • FAQs
  • History of business
  • Prizes and awards that you may have won
  • Information on all products and services
  • Customer experience, steps in the buyer journey

Required Systems or Softwares:

  • Our system is compatible with most live chat services and can easily be integrated to your digital platform. Once we’re ready to set up, we’ll send you all the information required to install our plugin on your digital platform.
  • Otherwise, we also recommend that you have Google Analytics set up and ready to track. Our marketing team has created a preset template for your personal analytics dashboard which helps you track live chat outcomes alongside your other data.

Now that you know exactly what to expect when you decide to trust CrowdChat to manage live conversations with your visitors, you can understand that our process is thorough and aligned with your specific goals. We take our knowledge base very seriously and continuously improve it over time. Our priority lies in providing accurate information to your visitors all while staying true to your brand and helping you reach your business objectives.

If you have more questions about the process or would like to speak to one of our team members about live chat management, you can speak to one of our team members instantly using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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