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Why would you outsource your online customer services?

Why would you outsource your online customer services?

At first, it’s sounds counterintuitive for business owners to outsource something as important as customer services. After all, your brand image depends on its quality. It’s only natural to feel like your own qualified people are the best for that job.

Here’s some fact around online customer inquiries that will most probably make you reconsider…

  • They are basically about the same ~10 subjects
  • They are about information already on the website, but people either can’t find it, don’t want to make the effort of finding it or don’t understand it
  • They are about worries people have before going through with their purchase

…and then, there are those hard questions where you need a good to deep understanding of the product or business process to provide answers to.

Do you really need to put your specialized personnel answering these ? Why not reserve those hard questions to them and outsource the rest?

Customer Experience Professionals to the rescue

Just like with finance & accounting, a core business component, you would rather have professionals doing it than having anyone who can count doing your tax reports and crunching your numbers, right?

For customer services, you will need to staff people that understand customer behavior and needs to help them reduce frictions that prevent them to complete the transaction with you. Happy customers are buying customers.

These reasons are why it makes good business sense to outsource customer services.

Customer Experience at CrowdChat

Our trained agents are ready to handle all the inquiries you receive on your website. Our objective is to help them do what they can to you website to do:

  • make a purchase
  • subscribe to your service
  • request a call back
  • understand your products better to decide which one to buy
  • select you as the better option
  • etc.

They will create happy customers and manage dissatisfied and even angry customers the best they could. Creating satisfaction is our mission.

How do we get ready

To ensure our team members are ready to represent your brand:

  • we review your website information, and how to quickly navigate through it to obtain answers
  • we organize a list of common questions with the best answers to them (QA)
  • we organize our agent software interface to quickly access these info

Then, we select the most appropriate agents, by experience and subject interests, to work with your customers. They will study all available information on your account and then will pass a knowledge assessment before being qualified to it.

As we progress answering your customers, we will add new QA, with your help and improve the answers based how they are received, until we can satisfy any question with a quick and satisfying answer.

What is left for you to do

At the beginning, help us define the usual questions and the best answers, of course.

Determine a good inhouse person to provide quick comebacks when we get undocumented questions so we can rapidly get back to the customer with the answer.

Tell us what is the most optimal way for the customers to get in business with you, so our agents can help them in the process for you to see results.

We will send you the hard questions, the ones that will need qualified employees to intervene, usually the kind that can’t be handled online anyway.

Sound business decision

What if I tell you that all of this will cost you 15 to 25 % of what it would cost you to run the same quality customer services inhouse? What if I add that instant online interactions can increase online sales/leads conversion by 45 %? How could this not be a sound business decision to make?

You decide whether you want us on a 8:00-to-23:00 weekdays shift or on a 24/7 shift.

You have peak time, peak season/low season ? No matter, no overtime to pay, or fixed payroll to support, we will charge you by the conversation. We will follow your flow of business, you will pay us when we create satisfaction.

When do we start?

In a few days from now, we’ll take care of your customers and provide the best online experience your website can provide and convert more visitors into customers for you. How about that?

Contact us right now to book a meeting.

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