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Live Chat Outsourcing: Exactly What Your Website Needs to Grow?

Even in the fast-paced digital world, people still crave human interaction.

No, this isn’t referencing a dystopian alien world – although if you spend most of your workday alone and online it sure may feel like it.

That’s why live chat outsourcing is so valuable: it adds a human element to your website.

But adding a live support chat to your website isn’t just about feeling warm and fuzzy.

7 Ways Adding a Live Support Chat to Your Website Can Boost Your Business

Live chats can actually help your business grow by improving lead generation, increasing conversion rates, and helping you stand out from your competition. Here’s how.

1- Customer Service Still Reigns Supreme

Not everyone has time or patience to sift through your website looking for the information he or she needs. And picking up the phone to call? Forget it. A live chat can solve this problem because it’s available as soon as the page loads.

In fact, an eMarketer study shows that 90% of participants find live chats “helpful” while 63% were more likely to visit a website again if it included a live chat. Over half of respondents said that live chats provided them with better customer service than phone lines.

2- Gain Leverage Over Your Competition

Most customers – whether B2B or otherwise – generally prefer to conduct business online. At the same time, many businesses are not taking advantage of live chat solutions.

Since people are more likely to return to a website with live chat, we know this could give you leverage over your competition. Think about it: if you don’t talk to them, someone else will.

3- Live Chat Software for Your Website Can Improve Your Lead Generation

Your live chat greeting is critical for generating leads. You can trigger the chat to open with a greeting based on a variety of factors including

  • A specific amount of time spent on your website
  • The city your visitor lives in
  • Which website referred the visitor to your website
  • The country your visitor lives in
  • Other pages a person visited during this specific web session
  • The search keyword your visitor used to find your website

As you can see, live chat support gives you the opportunity to capitalize on the right kind of traffic to your site and really narrow down your visitors.

4- Maximize Your Conversion Rate and Sales

Not only do live chats help generate leads, but they also help convert those leads into buyers or subscribers.

Brick-and-mortar stores have greeters and salespeople for a reason. Live chat gives you the opportunity to add these roles to your website.

Whether you want folks to sign up for your email list or make a final purchase, chatting with a real human can improve your odds of meeting these ultimate goals.

5- Learn More About Your Customers

In order to best serve your customers, you want to solve their problems, right? Data collection and surveys can only get you so far. Live chat allows you to have a hands-on relationship with your visitors.

You can learn about customer pain points and better meet their needs. As an added benefit, your customers may provide you with valuable feedback about your products, website accessibility issues, or services that you otherwise would have no way of knowing.

6- Slash Your Operating Costs

Call centers can only help one person at a time. With live chat outsourcing, one customer service representative can assist multiple people at once.

You’ll notice that many visitors tend to ask the same questions – many of which are very basic. This means that live chat outsourcing is a very viable solution instead of hiring a dedicated team member.

7- Chat Bots Can’t Keep Up

According to a study from ZenDesk, 92% of participants felt “satisfied” after using live chats on business websites. People love live chat because it’s convenient and involves human interaction.

Customers already have to deal with robots and automation everywhere they go from the store checkout to pressing buttons on the call center line. A live chat gives your website an extra human element that the other guys just don’t have.

CrowdChat: Live Chat Outsourcing Solutions Made Easy

From web chats to Facebook messages, online conversations are here to stay – and CrowdChat can help. We provide live chat outsourcing solutions for a variety of platforms including Facebook Pages and Messenger, managed live chats on websites, and customer service emails.

If you’re ready to improve your customer service and increase your conversion rate, book a meeting with us today to learn more or get started.

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