Life at CrowdChat – Amely

March 22, 2023 2023-03-22 14:18
Chat Agents Supervisor


Chat Agent now Chat Agents Supervisor

”Good day everyone! My name is Amély. I’ve started working at Crowdchat in 2021 as a chat agent and now am currently taking on the role of chat supervisor.

What first caught my interest when applying for the chat agent position was that it is 100% remote work. I loved the flexibility it could offer me as I have to move a lot due to my fiancé’s occupation. Also, I am quite reserved and loved the idea of using my customer service skills online exclusively.

Now that I’ve been working at Crowdchat for a few years, I see many other positive aspects such as a very flexible schedule and a good personal life – work balance. Also, the team is very friendly. The internet is constantly growing therefore I see my experience in the company as extremely useful and most importantly essential in today’s society.

Outside of work, I have two main passions, yoga and my dog Léo. I spend every minute of my day by him and it is wonderful. Not having to travel from and to work makes it easy to have certain daily rituals such as my daily walk with him and a yoga hour.

My time at Crowdchat is far from over. I have just started my new position and love the new challenges. I invite anyone interested in a position at Crowdchat to move forward and join us. If you love customer service and would like to establish yourself in a tech company, we are the team for you.


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