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Drift Live Chat Outsourcing

We bring conversational marketing experts and live chat agents to your Drift to increase conversions and reduce your chat workload.

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These great companies all turn to us for outsourcing their Drift live chats & strategies

Bots are for filtering and expediting. Humans are for closing the sale.

In a perfect world, you’d like to drive qualified traffic to an expert salesperson who works 24/7 at 10$/hour. That’s why bots took the marketing world by storm in the last few years. The problem is, bots are great for filtering clients and giving them top of the funnel information. But what happens if the client wants more, right now?

Sure, bots can schedule demos for you, and that’s great, but… what if qualified leads could instantly talk to someone and ask more bottom of the funnel questions? The thing is, people feel more connected and engaged to a company when they speak to a human than with a bot.

Our goal is to combine chatbots and 24/7 live chat agents to help increase your conversion rates and reduce your workload.

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How Outsourcing Your Drift Account Works

We do our homework and learn about your business

We do extensive research about your company to understand it. From your brand personality to your products and services, we leave nothing unknown for our agents.

We assign a team of live agents to your drift account

How do you think your customers will react when there’s an actual person available after business hours? There will always be an agent available 24/7 to answer your visitors’ questions. No waiting time, regardless of the volume.

We send you leads, close the sale and provide the best customer experience

If you want more sales on your website, we’ll be your closer. Want more leads? We’ll automatically send them your way with a detailed summary. Want automatically scheduled demos? Got it. Want the best customer support there is? Our agents are human, empathic, well-researched and English natives.

We review and improve performance, constantly

A conversational marketing specialist will be assigned to you to review performance and make strategic ajustements to your drift software every month.

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Facebook Messenger Management

Our team can manage messages sent to your business directly from our shared inbox. Replies will sync instantly with your Facebook Messenger.

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You’ll get a clear understanding of how Drift, our chat agents & our conversational marketing team can increase your conversion rates & reduce your internal workload.

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