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The top reasons why companies trust CrowdChat over The Chat Shop

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Reason #1

The Chat Shop Uses An Outdated Technology

The Chat Shop still uses an outdated live chat technology (LiveChatInc). While it gets the job done to manage your chats, it doesn’t allow you to do conversational marketing. Conversational marketing is a new way to move people through your funnel. It uses the power of super-smart chatbots, advanced targeting, sales team calendar booking and account-based marketing to shorten your sales cycle drastically and allow you to convert more visitors into customers. Even more than if you were just using live chat agents alone. At CrowdChat, we use the best software on the market for b2b and b2c companies.

Reason #2

English Native Agents From Canada

We hire only smart & resourceful agents that are english native, born in Canada and therefore understand your reality. While hiring overseas can cost less, the cultural difference is significantly different. We understand your business reputation is important to you and want to make sure it stays intact.

Reason #3

Advanced Chat & Audience Targeting

Send the right message to an anonymous website visitor and greet them with a welcome message based on their company name, industry, and technology they are using (even if it’s the first time they visit your website). Personalization will drive more engagement, thus getting you more leads.

Reason #4

Conversational AI

We use conversational AI so the best possible answer is always given. While AI won’t replace agents (yet), it can help them answer more efficiently, thus guaranteeing fast response time and quality.

Reason #5

Chatbots + Live Agents Combination (optional)

Live chat agents are great at responding to high-level queries. Chatbots are great at driving engagement, qualifying visitors and scheduling demos automatically. Put them together and you’ve got a freakin’ bombshell.

Reason #6

Automatic Sales Calendar Booking (b2b)

The Chat Shop probably told you that they will send leads automatically to your CRM or to your email. While this is very good, it’s still possible to do better. Sending you leads to your CRM (often unqualified) will allow leads to fall through the cracks, due to the back and forth calls to schedule a meeting with the decision-maker. At CrowdChat, we link your SDRs, BDRs and AEs calendar in our platform to automatically schedule meetings for you with qualified leads. This way, you spend your time only with qualified leads, maximize your opportunities and drastically shorten your sales cycle.

Reason #7

Account Based Marketing (b2b)

Working on a big account right now? If this particular prospect was on your site RIGHT NOW, would you want to talk to him? Of course yes. With account-based marketing, get notified instantly when one of your VIP accounts is on your site.

Reason #8

Sales & Marketing Expertise

We are a company of sales & marketing people just like you and we’re committed to teaching, educating, and sharing information with you and your team to help you grow.

Reason #9


Because we exist for sales & marketing people, we understand the modern tech stack and built integrations that go beyond just syncing data. With Drift, you can use data from Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, LinkedIn & Outreach to send personalized messages to people when they visit your website, whether they’re an open opportunity in Salesforce, or coming to your website from a LinkedIn InMail, a Marketo campaign, or an Outreach email sequence. Nobody wants a product that isn’t connected to their stack very nicely.

These companies trust us for managing their chatbots and outsourcing their live chats.

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