From Small Businesses To Enterprise-Level Companies

Speedy Glass, Dermapure, Stretch Structures and many others have outsourced their live chat to us. We take care of their business as if it were ours.

Crowdchat was a great addition to our customer service. Our $500 monthly investment generated $40,000 in additional sales, so 80 times our initial investment.

Marilyne Gagné // Dermapure

We are using Crowdchat’s services since the beginning of 2016 and the results are impressive. Many people browsing our website have questions and they want quick answers. CrowdChat’s Agents know how to answer them in a very professional way. If they have doubts, they validate with us before providing an answer. The whole team is reliable and listening to us.

Francis Desjardins // Clinique GO

Awesome Customer Service. Their answers are always well written and in under 30 seconds response time. We recommend CrowdChat to create great value for your customers and get more leads.

Mylène Véronneau // Mes Implants