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Chatbot Building & Strategy

Full-service chatbot building & strategic management for your website. Our in-house experts will help you build a personal assistant for your website that generates and qualifies leads 24/7.
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Here’s How We Can Help You
Generate More Leads 24/7

We Build Strategic Bot Playbooks To Engage & Convert Your Visitors Into Qualified Leads

Every visitor sits at a different stage of the customer journey. Some of them are totally unaware of their problem and others are completely aware of your solution and need a demo or a deal to makes things happen. We build chatbot playbooks for every stage of the customer journey to drive more valuable conversations, thus more quality leads for your business.

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Meetings Drift

Automatically qualify and schedule meetings with site visitors 24/7

Who likes to fill out form and wait 24-48 hours for a response? That’s right, nobody. With Drift Meetings, we can build playbooks that will automatically qualify and schedule meetings with your leads on your SDRs available calendar spots. Just focus on managing your business and watch meetings book themselves.

How Our Bot-Building & Management Service Works

Learning to build great bots & optimal chat marketing strategies takes time, energy & a lot of experience. that’s why our team of in-house experts helps hundreds of companies just like yours to build bots and optimize the strategy behind them.

1. Research & Discovery

We’ll first start by researching your business, your audience and we’ll identify their problems, pains, challenges and desired end-result.

2. Strategy & Bot Building

People expect different things at every stage of the customer journey. That’s why we build & strategize bot “playbooks” to engage them the right way, at whatever stage they might be. Drift highly-targeted audience segmenting allows us to be very precise and personal in our strategies.

3. Optimize, Grow, Repeat.

From there, we manage the account completely. We’ll optimize our strategies, build additional playbooks for pages or campaigns you might be running and train your team.